Wayne Jones M. Ed.

“Victorious Living! Victorious Parenting”

May 14th, 2021

Wayne Jones – “Victorious Living! Victorious Parenting”

On your parenting journey, you may read many books. You may start watching (and often judging) how your friends are parenting. You may think back to your own parents and how they parented you (again – judging). You may GOOGLE all kinds of topics on parenting. You may start asking questions of everyone, from your doctor, to your friends, to your co-workers. And the reason for all of this activity, often before the newborn even arrives, is you want to be the “perfect” parent, better than anyone you know.

Generally speaking, the world is divided into four groups of people (or temperament/personality types) that function in different ways depending upon their core values and needs. These temperaments are inborn (nature) but parents have a lot to do with how they function (nurture). How these four temperament groups identify and handle communication, stress and relationships can help parents become victorious and support their kids in a variety of situations and circumstances.

In “Victorious Living! Victorious Parenting”, we will discover these four very different personalities and what makes them “tick”. You will learn more about yourself and your children and the keys to putting the pieces together.