Penny Patrician

“Parents Matter!”

November 14th, 2020

Parents Matter!

Saturday November 14 – 

More than three decades of research assures us of the importance of parent engagement to student success. In fact, parent engagement has been referred to as the single most important contributory factor to increased student achievement. This workshop will examine some of the myths of parent engagement and explore what matters most to children’s success. Parents will also have an opportunity to learn about practical tools and resources to support parents in their roles as important members of their children’s education team – as the most important role models, mentors, and learners in their children’s world.

Penny Patrician

Penny Patrician brings to her research a wide range of experience and expertise gained through a career in a large urban school board. Having enjoyed four decades in the education sector, in positions ranging from Teacher to Executive Superintendent, Penny has demonstrated a commitment to partnerships and shared high expectations for our children and youth. Her contributions to education have been recognized provincially – a Realm award for innovation, and an Amethyst award recognizing team contribution to Safe and Accepting schools. Currently she plays a role in the development of policy as well as evidence-informed, leading edge tools and resources to promote parent engagement in their children’s learning.

Penny holds a PhD from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, and is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at the Rotman School of Management. Deeply committed to life-long learning, she continues to learn alongside colleagues, researchers, and sector partners.