OAPCE Continues To Advocate For Parents in Catholic Education

Dec 17, 2018

For Immediate Release:

OAPCE Continues To Advocate For Parents in Catholic Education

Toronto, ON— The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) Board provides leadership for carrying out OAPCE’s mission to promote publicly funded Catholic education, and is committed to ensure the parent voice is strong across the province, with great collaboration from our partners and valuable parent groups.  On Nov 23, 2018, the Honourable Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education sent warm greetings to the OAPCE Board of Directors, View letter.  On November 12, 2018  OAPCE met with former Ontario Premier, MPP Kathleen Wynne in regards to Bill 56 “Keeping Students Safe on School Buses”. Wynn expressed her support for Catholic Education and will continue to fight for publicly funded Catholic Education in legislature. On November 27, OAPCE executive attended Lobby Day at Queens Park, and the day after OAPCE Executive members also met with the Minister of Education to emphasize the importance of Catholic Education, and the need to continue providing parents with the Parent Reaching Out Grants (PRO Grants), the Minister is in full support of Catholic Education “Collaboration is very important and we need to be visible and vocal at the local and provincial level, further as advocates for Catholic Education, any parent consultations need to be taken seriously such as the recent “For The Parent Consultation”, said Annalisa Crudo-Perri, President, OAPCE. OAPCE has fully participated in the online submission, sent in our own letter of recommendations as well as created an online petition asking to “un-pause” the PRO Grants.

On the lighter side, the OAPCE Summit and AGM took place on November 24, 2018 at St. Francis Zavier Secondary School in Mississauga and was a complete success.  It was a well-attended event, with a well-seasoned keynote speaker Teresa Hartnett and a vibrant presentation from Miguel Martinez. “It was also nice to see OCSTA President Beverly Eckensweiler, Past President Pat Daly and Executive Director Nick Milanetti. The Director of Education from the TCDSB Rory McGuckin and some Trustees, Superintendents, and our Bishop liaison with the ACBO Bishop Dabrowski” said Chuck Farmer, Vice -President, OAPCE

OAPCE is now in full planning mode for the 80th Annual OAPCE Conference and Awards Gala to be held April 5-6, 2019 at Madonna Catholic Secondary School with Mass led by His Eminence Cardinal Collins, “This annual marque event was created in 1939, the OAPCE Directors and executive want to continue this tradition and recognize leader’s who would be helping shape the provincial conversation about Catholic Education for the years to come, so mark your calendars and save the date! The keynote speaker will be Greg Rogers and the gala dinner will be held at the MonteCassino Hotel and Suites in North York. ” said Nick Giovanelli, OAPCE Executive Treasurer.

We are also currently awaiting responses from the Ministry of Education regarding the PRO Grants, and other Education Grants, some of which OAPCE has benefited from in order to facilitate parent engagement events. As soon as this becomes available we will inform all.

We would like to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and many heartfelt blessings for the New Year.


The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) is the voice of Ontario parents and guardians in Catholic education. We are the provincial voice that is authorized through the Education Act and Regulation 612, to represent families with children enrolled in the English Catholic education system. OAPCE is a vital connection between the Ministry of Education, Catholic District School Boards in Ontario, the Institute of Catholic Education, Ontario Catholic Trustees, Parish, Regional Parent’s Associations, School Councils and other valuable parent groups, and prominent advocate for Catholic education excellence and student success. OAPCE elevates the profile of a publicly funded Catholic system of education by providing opportunities for ongoing information sharing, resources, learning, networking and community building.

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Annalisa Crudo-Perri
OAPCE President
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