Miguel A. Martinez

“Parenting Through The New Normal”

November 21st, 2020

Parenting Through The New Normal

Saturday November 21 – 

As families grapple with an ever-changing normal, anxiety can escalate. Like students, parents are placed in difficult times. Trying to struggle with work, childcare, home-based teaching, and parenting may become overbearing. So how we deal with these stresses? Through this highly interactive and engaging workshop, caregivers will discover two principles 1) Strategies to help their child cope with complicated feelings and 2) Develop routines to reestablish normality and increase good mental health.

Miguel A. Martinez

Miguel was born in El Salvador, on June 5th, 1978 – then moved to Canada when he was six years old. In his early years, he worked for MuchMusic, representing the network across Canada. He danced on various half-time sports games, television shows, movies, commercials, and music videos. Miguel is passionate about instilling soft skills at an early age. He has worked with the First Nations to bring active programs to their schools. He has provided workshops for multiple school boards, visiting over 100 schools on average each year, with the MTCLife programs being taught in over 500 schools in Ontario. On a corporate level, Miguel’s program have increased productivity and community participation at Nascent, Gap, PLASP, faculties members for multiple school boards, Canadian Mental Health Association, and multiple churches. Miguel has found Passion & Purpose through Dance, Laughter, and Music – which now serve as cornerstones to MTClife Inc.