OAPCE's mission of advocacy for Catholic education finds its inspiration in all the unnamed children enrolled in publicly funded Catholic schools. Children are the very heart and meaning of the organization's existence. To mark the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, the organization wishes to recognize a student in our schools who is a consistent sign of mercy in every aspect of school life. 

He/she is a well-rounded student whose very being exhibits inner joy as he/she reaches out to those on the peripheries, welcomes the excluded and proffers gestures of tenderness to those in need in a quiet and unobtrusive way. Such a student may be a scholar, a shy or a popular student who loves the truth and people. What will shine through his/her character is the exemplary virtue of ongoing and patient compassion, which is also expressed in commitment to at least two social justice initiatives focusing on helping the marginalized.

Parents or educators may nominate the recipient of this award.