Dr. Anne Jamieson

“Nurturing Hope”

November 21st, 2020

Nurturing Hope

Saturday November 21 –

This year’s theme for Catholic Education Week gives us an image of tender growth – Nurturing Hope. We’re asked to think about our hope in terms of the whole caring process of preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, and harvesting the fruit. In this time of uncertainty, the need for tender care of our growing hope is clear. Join us as we reflect on who can nurture our hope, how it can be nurtured and what kind of harvest we can expect. Scripture promises us “Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.” (Is 40:31) Come to be renewed with us!

Dr. Anne Jamieson

Dr. Jamieson is a recognized leader in the Ontario education community and has served as a conference speaker, presenter and facilitator of professional development sessions across Canada in the area of curriculum delivery for Religious Education and in faith formation. A former teacher and university lecturer, Dr. Jamieson is also a published author, who completed her Doctor of Ministry, in the area of catechesis, through the University of Toronto. As a woman of deep faith, she is committed to building on the legacy of the countless religious women and men who forged and fought for our publicly-funded Catholic Education system in Ontario.