OAPCE Press Release

OAPCE – Mission is to strengthen our collective voice through dialogue and effective, respectful partnerships—at home, school and church.  

Having a strong, independent, and representative voice is at the heart of the OAPCE initiatives.

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) is pleased to announce the new executive is developing a communication strategy as part of our commitment to ensure the parent voice is strong across the province, with great collaboration from our partners and valuable parent groups. We know the parental concerns, and want to ensure they are at the forefront of our advocacy efforts. We are developing our policy files and want to hear from you. We encourage parents to contact your Regional Council or Director, all information can be found at oapce.org

In 1939, the OAPCE Directors and Executive recognized the importance of engaging the Catholic community to preserve and enhance the highest quality of publicly funded English Catholic education in Ontario, enabling our children to become contributing members of the Church, School, Home and Society in accordance with God’s will.

"My role is to drive change and to focus on two-way communication”, noted Maurizio Ruberto, President, OAPCE. “As a provincial Association, we need to demonstrate leadership and support initiatives important to parents, and I feel this team will help parents overcome obstacles. The support has been so positive, with a strengthening of our partnerships and increase of parent input”.

Collaboration is considered very important and the lifeblood of OAPCE. “We take our role very seriously here and I am a huge proponent of parents helping parents”, noted Annalisa Crudo-Perri, Vice President, OAPCE. Crudo-Perri also wanted to remind parents that the 78th Annual OAPCE Conference, AGM and Awards Gala will be held on October 27th and 28th, 2017 at St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School, in York Region, please visit oapce.org for more details.


As Ontario’s parent voice Association, the Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) is the authoritative voice of Ontario parents and guardians in Catholic education. We are the provincial voice that is authorized through the Education Act and Regulation 612, to represent families with children enrolled in the English Catholic education system. OAPCE is a vital connection between the Ministry of Education, Catholic District School Boards in Ontario, the Institute of Catholic Education, Ontario Catholic Trustees, Parish, Regional Parent’s Associations, School Councils and other valuable parent groups, and a prominent advocate for Catholic education excellence and student success. OAPCE elevates the profile of a publicly funded Catholic system of education by providing opportunities for ongoing information sharing, resources, learning, networking and community building.