Canada's Diversity Advantage Project Presented by Dr. Ash

United Nations Canada:  Canada’s Diversity Advantage Project Presentation by Dr. Ashleigh Molloy

The culmination event for this UN project is scheduled for Friday, March 24th at the North York Centre in Toronto. 


This project is to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada as a nation. It involves speaking to teenaged students in schools throughout the city since October about Diversity in all its forms. It was a student centred approach that demonstrated the pillars of Leadership and Advocacy as catalysts for positive change in the community through empowerment of our youth.


Research and Community Mapping – Healthy Active Living: Diversity and Disability

This interactive presentation was led by Dr. Ashleigh Molloy. Dr. Molloy introduced the terms, diversity, inclusion and equity throughout his school visits. He taught students how to be healthy and active citizens advocating for inclusion. They were provided with strategies to be welcoming to ALL while building respect for those who are different through dialogue and an action plan.