What's the OCT (Ontario College of Teachers)?

Do you have a teacher you remember fondly? Most everyone has. Usually it was someone who made a profound difference in your life, sometimes with the smallest of actions. Perhaps it was a moment of caring. Maybe they saw potential in you that you hadn’t seen yourself. Might be that their belief and commitment to your success were all you needed to achieve. 

Teachers do that. They change lives. 

The Ontario College of Teachers has the only publicly accessible database of licensed teachers – life’s difference-makers – in the province. 

At oct.ca > Find a Teacher, you can see where they received their initial teacher preparation, when they entered the profession, and what additional qualifications they acquire throughout their careers to stay current as professionals. 

Maintaining current records is one of the responsibilities of The Ontario College of Teachers. We regulate Ontario’s teaching profession in the public interest – your interest. 

The role of the College is to:
set the standard for great teaching
approve the programs that people take to become teachers and to remain current throughout their careers
license teachers who meet Ontario’s high expectations for certification
investigate complaints against those who cross professional boundaries

Resources for parents and families

Students benefit from great teaching and the excellent preparation of teachers, and teachers benefit from well-informed and involved parents.

Here are three easy ways to connect with the College:

  • Find a Teacher: See why we can all take great pride in teacher professionalism in Ontario.
  • The Standard: Sign-up for our e-newsletter geared specifically to parents and members of the public.
  • Professional Standards: Learn about the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession (care, trust, integrity, and respect) and see the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession to understand how teachers’ good work is inspired and guided.

Within our province, the Ontario College of Teachers is one of about 40 self-regulating organizations that govern professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers and early childhood educators. Governing almost 240,000 members makes us one of the largest such organizations in Ontario.

The College’s work is open and accessible. It’s all part of protecting the public interest – in other words, your children, their welfare, and opportunities for learning.

Visit the College website at www.oct.ca to learn more about how the Ontario College of Teachers sets the standard for great teaching. Please note that all materials, presentations and resources produced by the Ontario College of Teachers are also available in French.

Visitez notre site à www.oeeo.ca pour découvrir comment l’Ordre des enseignantes et des enseignants de l’Ontario fixe la norme pour un enseignement de qualité. Veuillez noter que tous les documents, présentations et ressources de l’Ordre sont également disponibles en français.