Letter from Minister of Education re: New Sex Ed Curriculum

Please remember that Catholic Curriculum has not been approved by the Bishops yet


When kids were heading back to class in 1998, they were listening to CD players, not texting on smartphones.

The eventual creator of Facebook was entering Grade 8.

And in Ontario, the last update to the health and physical education curriculum, including sex education, was introduced.

When we talk about preparing our children to make safe and healthy choices, what worked 17 years ago is not going to work today.


The new curriculum gives kids the information they need to make informed choices and stay safe in today’s online world. It will improve our students’ understanding of healthy relationships, consent, inclusivity and mental health.

Parents, teachers, students and organizations across this province agreed the old curriculum was dangerously out of date. The update is the result of the widest set of consultations ever undertaken for an Ontario curriculum document. 

Meanwhile, the Patrick Brown PCs are continuing to spread misinformation about the curriculum, even as their new leader refuses to say what exactly it is in the curriculum that he opposes. There is no excuse for bringing their divisive fear-mongering into a conversation about the health and safety of our children.

Thankfully, the school year is underway and the new curriculum is now giving students the information they need to stay safe.

Thank you for your support.

Liz Sandals, MPP

Read the new curriculum for elementary grades here.

Read the new curriculum for secondary grades here.