"Talk with Our Kids about Money" Program

Talk With Our Kids About Money’ (TWOKAM) is a no-cost program created by the charitable, non-profit, non-partisan organization, the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE). Having both a School Program and a Home Program, TWOKAM provides resources promoting financial literacy. The Home Program resources and activities found at www.talkwithourkidsaboutmoney.com support conversations for families preparing their children to to face the challenges, and opportunities, of their financial future. The fun and engaging ‘Home Program’ for families and the ‘School Program’ for teachers, providing curriculum-based activities, enjoy FREE information and resources thanks to the support and partnership of BMO Financial Group. Shining a light on the TWOKAM program is ‘Talk With Our Kids About Money Day’ on the third Wednesday in April every year, April 15, this year encouraging families to make a point of talking with kids about money.


Every day can be a good day to talk with our kids about money, whether round the breakfast or dinner table, at bedtime, while reading a book, or listening to a TV show. To learn more and support families to naturally and comfortably talk with our kids about money, visit www.talkwithourkidsaboutmoney.com and click on the ‘Home Program’.