Ontario's First Culture Strategy - you can participate

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport will be developing Ontario’s first culture strategy, which will lay out a vision for culture in Ontario and ensure government programs and services are meeting the needs and priorities of Ontarians. To do this, we are interested in speaking to people across the province about how arts and culture are important to them and their communities and what priorities they feel the government should support through its culture budget. These consultations are currently underway and will be ongoing until December 8th.


Currently our ministry supports four culture sectors: arts, cultural industries (music, interactive digital media, film and television production, and book and magazine publishing), heritage (built heritage, community museums and archaeology), and public libraries. 


Culture intersects with many aspects of people’s lives including education. We also have a special interest in hearing from young Ontarians to discuss how they can be more engaged as creators and consumers of Ontario culture.


The Ministry of Education shared the names of some stakeholders, including your organization that they thought might be interested in the development of Ontario’s first culture strategy.


Attached, you will find a document in English and French that provides information on the consultations and outlines ways to participate. We invite you to share this information with your networks.


Please let us know if you are able to accommodate our request and if you require any further information.



Thank you,


The Culture Strategy Team


Help develop Ontario’s first culture strategy: www.ontario.ca/culturetalks

Join the conversation at:

Twitter – @ExploreON; use the hashtag #ONculture

Facebook – www.facebook.com/ONgov