Introducing EQAO Online

I’m pleased to introduce you to the start of “EQAO Online,” our new, exciting, multi-year project moving EQAO’s student assessments from paper and pencil to computer.

Like so many other areas in life, technology has opened up new opportunities for different, more sophisticated, more engaging student assessments. This move will bring EQAO’s provincial assessments in line with the digital world we live in and the digital classroom that plays an increasing part in education.

The first assessment we are working to offer online is the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), written by students in Grade 10. The current 2014–2015 school year will be a year of consultation, research, analyses, field tests and trial runs. If all goes as planned, the first students to have an opportunity to write the OSSLT online will be those scheduled to write it in the 2015‑2016 school year. Paper versions of the test will remain available for schools that are not equipped to participate online.

We have dedicated a section on our Web site as the central location for all information related to this project, and we will be providing regular updates as we go along. I invite you to use the subscription feature on that page, also found in the footer of this message, to subscribe to receive updates on our move to computer-based assessments.

I look forward to working in partnership with you on this exciting journey toward the future of student assessment in Ontario.

- Bruce Rodrigues, Chief Executive Officer (EQAO)