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  • Face of Mercy award- Awarded to  a student in our schools who is a consistent sign of mercy in every aspect of school life. 
  • Father J.D. Mazerolle award is presented to a religious or layperson that supports the aims and goals of OAPCE.
  • Glorya Nanne award is presented to a person who supports the aims and goals of OAPCE, and has substantially contributed in fostering a better understanding of Catholic Education in Ontario though the use of various forms of media.
  • Monsignor B.W. Harrigan award is given to a Priest, Bishop, Deacon, or School Chaplain tho supports the aims and goals of OAPCE, and has substantially contributed to the Catholic School system in the community. 
  • Volunteer Parent of the Year award is given annually to a parent volunteer that goes above and beyond to support their child's school and/or school board and supports the aims and goals of OAPCE


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