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OAPCE Toronto

Monday November 29th, 2021 – 7:00PM

OAPCE’s FIRST EVER Parent Crowdsourcing Idea Board

As we closed out this past school year, OAPCE was eager to gather the thoughts of parents from across the province to fulfill our mandate to be the voice of parents in Catholic Education. We invited parents from across the province to contribute to generating ideas which would be shared with the Ministry of the Education and School Boards across Ontario.

The intent was to crowdsource parent thoughts and ideas on what things should START, what things should STOP, and what things should CONTINUE to be done in publicly funded Catholic Education across the province. OAPCE utilized free software tool (ideaboardsz.com) to facilitate the data collection. As this was OAPCE’s first attempt at such an activity, the organization opted for a free service prior to exploring other fee based tools. To that end, there are some limitations around data analytics but overall the tool was extremely successful in achieving its 2 primary objectives. One, engage parents and two, gather parents thoughts and ideas on three key themes.These boards where open from June 23rd to July 16th, 2021.


Theme 1 - Mental Health

Thinking about children’s mental health. What should the ministry and school boards…START doing, STOP doing, CONTINUE doing?

Theme 2 - Student Achievement

Thinking about academic achievement. What should the ministry and school boards …START doing, STOP doing, CONTINUE doing?

Theme 3 - Virtual Learning

Thinking about technology and virtual learning. What should the ministry and school boards…START doing, STOP doing, CONTINUE doing?

November 2021 – Fall

The Parents 4 Parents Press!

Thank you to everyone who attended the OAPCE VIRTUAL Conference 2021


Self-Select Webinars – Available Now!

Self-Select Webinar

His Eminence Cardinal Thomas Collins

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Kevin Frankish

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Dr. Josephine Lombardi

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Wayne Jones, M. Ed.

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Teresa Hartnett

“Parenting Positively in a Pandemic”

Webinar Series in November…

In November 2020, OAPCE hosted FREE Webinars for all parents across the province.  You can watch the recordings for each webinar here.

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Our newsletters are full of information.  We help get the word out to parents, partners and stakeholders with news from OAPCE Provincial, and our local regions and share that information to get everyone involved and engaged. If your region has something to share, please email us directly and we’ll be sure to post it here.

November 2021 - Fall

OAPCE Strategic Plan is based on the Vision of OAPCE which is to Engage, Advocate and Enhance. We will strengthen parent engagement by continuing to provide resources to parents through multiple communication channels and our continuous learning events.


September 2021 - Fall

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June 2021 - Summer

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May 2021 - Spring

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Easter - Spring - April 2021

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February 2021

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